NewsIdeafall Lets Visionaries Focus On Their Best Ideas by Streamlining User Experience

Personal idea management app Ideabook for iPhone and iPad is now "Ideafall"

Element Tools today rebranded their well-received personal idea management app Ideabook as "Ideafall" with new version 5.5. Ideafall supports the complete idea management workflow from ideation and capturing of ideas to analyzing, decision making and roadmapping. The new update introduces support for Siri Shortcuts and further streamlines the overall user experience, making it even easier for users to focus on their best ideas. Ideafall is available on iPhone and iPad.

Streamlined User Interface

By removing all unnecessary user interface elements from the overall user interface and hiding lesser used functionality behind a single more-style button, Ideafall now lets users focus entirely on discovering and deciding on their next great idea.

"We wanted to make the user interface as simple as possible while still keeping the current level of great functionality", so Wolfgang Bartelme, co-founder and designer behind Ideafall.

The new streamlined user experience provides now only four tabs, each tailored to one step of the idea management workflow:

Support for Siri & Shortcuts

Ideafall now also supports Siri and Apple's Shortcuts app. Users can add a new idea quickly on the go using their voice right when it hits them, so they never again forget about a good idea. The new version also supports the Shortcuts app providing new API calls and extends the existing URL scheme-based API.

Other improvements include better idea filtering and searching as well as additional keyboard shortcuts on iPad.


Ideafall is available as a one-time purchase from the iOS App Store. For more information about Ideafall's capabilities and a short tutorial visit the Ideafall website at


NewsIdeabook 5.4 Adds Support for Hanging Indents

Ideabook 5.4 features a number of usability improvements and introduces support for hanging indents (use the TAB key with and without SHIFT for increasing or decreasing indentation in lists).

NewsIdeabook 5.3 Introduces Support for Markdown

Ideabook 5.3 comes with a number of practical new features including:

Additionally, we fixed a few bugs related to criteria configuration changes and the tabular ideas overview.

Let us know what you think!


NewsIdeabook 5 Introduces Agile Roadmapping For Turning Ideas Into Strategy

Ideabook 5 introduces agile roadmapping for helping you turning your ideas into strategy. The new Kanban-style "Roadmap" overview provides an easy way to assign ideas to four horizons such as Now, Next, Later and Someday via drag & drop.

Additionally, the new version includes several user interface improvements and optimizations.


NewsIdeabook 4.4 Improves Sorting in Tabular Overview

Ideabook 4.4 improves sorting in the tabular "Ideas" overview:

NewsIdeabook 4.3 Now With Tappable Links in Notes

Ideabook 4.3 introduces tappable links for idea notes as well as a few smaller usability improvements.

NewsIdeabook 4.2 Introduces Idea Voting and Source Differentiation

Ideabook 4.2 introduces two new practical idea management concepts:

Additionally, we renamed the status "Under Discussion" to "Reviewed" for improved consistency between status terms. We also adjusted the default criteria to be more in line with modern innovation management practices.


NewsIdeabook 4.1 Introduces Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

Ideabook 4.1 introduces support for keyboard shortcuts on iPad:

Recording your ideas has never been faster!

NewsElemental Tools launches next generation innovation management app Ideabook Pro for iPhone and iPad

Eggersdorf/Graz, Austria - Elemental Tools today released the next generation of its idea management app, Ideabook Pro. Built on the latest Apple technologies, the new app supports quick capturing of ideas, visual brainstorming in "spaces" and rating and analyzing ideas using an easily configurable bubble chart.

"We have been asked over and over again to come up with a new Ideabook app and we are extremely happy that we can finally deliver on this promise," said Gerald Aquila, co-founder and CEO of Elemental Tools. "We worked hard to balance simplicity and ease of use with a ton of feature requests and we are really eager to see how people will use our new app."

Ideabook Pro provides a single sortable, tabular overview of ideas to keep track of recent ideas as well as top rated ones. The "Spaces" view allows to visually organize ideas as cards complete with drag & drop support for rearranging cards. Idea cards can also be created in-place by double tapping on empty space; the same gesture can also be used for inline-editing idea titles. The "Bubbles" view provides a widely improved, configurable bubble chart visualization of your ideas in four dimensions (x, y, bubble size and color). All three views allow easy filtering by idea portfolios.

By supporting Apple's latest technologies, the new app provides a share sheet for quickly capturing ideas from other apps, CSV import and export functionality, share as image/PDF functions for idea spaces and bubble charts, Spotlight search, support for Dark Mode and iCloud syncing. Ideabook Pro is also much more configurable than its predecessors offering up to 10 rating dimensions and different idea space backgrounds.

Ideabook Pro is available today from the App Store for $8.99 (USD). Since the app is built on the latest technology in order to provide us with a solid foundation for the years to come, Ideabook Pro requires iOS 13 on iPhone and iPadOS 13 on iPad. Data migration from the Ideabook 3 legacy apps is available via CSV export and import.

For more information on Ideabook please visit